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A data-driven enterprise is an organisation that uses information to achieve its business goals. It focuses on leveraging data to boost sales, improve operations, or a mixture of both.

The first step to becoming a “data-driven enterprise” is to determine what the company’s data should be used for. This will allow the right strategy to be created to meet the business goals, and provide the resources necessary to make effective decision using data.

Next, the enterprise architecture must be built to support the use of data for a wide variety of applications and processes. This includes providing reliable data sources, eliminating silos of data, and making the information easily accessible, consumable, and actionable by information consumers.

Creating an Data-Driven culture

A key step in creating a data-driven culture is getting employees on board with the new way of doing things. This requires educating everyone on the benefits of data and how it can improve their work.

A data-driven culture, for example, will encourage team members ask how data can help solve problems faster than traditional methods. It will also give non-analysts all the tools they need to be responsible for data analysis.

Leadership can be a crucial factor in creating a data-driven society by ensuring all stakeholders have access to data as quickly as possible and ideally instantaneously. This can reduce skepticism and build trust.


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