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Virtual Board Meetings are a convenient method to keep an open line of communication and take time-sensitive decisions during the pandemic. They offer the same governance benefits as in-person meetings but without the stress of scheduling and traveling. They also permit non-profit organizations to expand their participants pool by removing geographical barriers and making it https://www.whichboardroom.com/how-to-write-a-board-resolution/ easier for members with disabilities to attend.

Using the best tools will allow your team to gain more control over the discussion and keep it focused, allowing them to make faster decisions. This will enable your organization to stay on the right track and fulfill its mission after the pandemic.

It is important to plan your virtual meetings in advance with an agenda, supporting documents and other documents. This will ensure that all topics are covered and that the meeting is on time. It is also essential to test out your audio and video equipment prior to the meeting starts and adhere to proper protocol for calls. For instance, make sure to turn off your microphone when you are not speaking to avoid background noises that can be distracting and to raise your hand or send messages in the chat whenever you have a concern or question.

As more and more business transactions are conducted online it is crucial to adopt best practices for virtual meetings to remain efficient and effective. If you follow the guidelines below, your board meetings will be smooth and efficient.

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