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Virtual meetings are now a regular feature for many mission-driven organisations and, if they are done correctly they are highly productive. As with all meetings there are a few key elements to be considered to ensure it is effective.

While it’s important to establish expectations and establish good etiquette however, it’s equally important to keep the conversation moving. It can be difficult for those who aren’t present to share their insights when the discussion is stalled on a single topic. This is the reason an agenda can come in useful, as it can help the chair of the meeting ensure that all attendees are getting their fair share of the discussion, and also prevent some key voices from dominating the dialogue.

It’s also important to keep remote participants entertained by ensuring they be able to access the main content. This may include sharing presentations, distributing physical documents or creating content using flipcharts https://seboardroom.com and whiteboards during the meeting. Remote attendees can be fully engaged thanks to a rich interaction experience. They can make contributions just like in-person attendees.

To support this shift it is crucial to have a platform that gives secure centralised access to all meeting material. A platform such as BoardPro offers this functionality that helps support the shift to a digital format for meetings. By saving all meeting notes and documents in a central digital archive, directors be able to access crucial information for future references.

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