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Despite their potential to create value, divestitures are often not able to meet expectations. This article will explain how companies can improve their chances of success and shift their portfolios into a higher the gears.

The Right Time

If executives discover that a particular asset is no longer assisting strategic goals, it’s ideal time to consider selling the asset. The executives who are waiting in anticipation could be at risk of a slowing down of performance and even lower prices for purchases.

It is essential to be transparent with employees on the intentions and consequences of the divestiture. It is essential to communicate the reasoning behind the decision, and ensure that employees know that their jobs won’t be affected. It is crucial to communicate with the top customers within 48 hours of the announcement, and also to establish a specific procedure to deal with any issues that may arise after the closure.

A well-timed divestiture gives companies the opportunity to reallocate resources and invest in strategic areas. Neste is an Finnish oil company changed its https://onlinedataroomtech.com/what-is-a-business-evaluation/ name in 2015 to reflect its emphasis on renewable energy. It invested the proceeds from the sale of natural gas and oil businesses. This allowed the company to double stock returns in just five years.

The top divestors in the industry screen their portfolios for candidates on a regular basis and have teams that are dedicated to this task. These teams usually comprise members who have specialized skills for example, the separation of accounting systems and the implementation of service-level agreements between the remaining business and the divested one. Additionally, they conduct rigorous analysis of the value generated by any entanglements or links between the company being sold and the rest of the portfolio.

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