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The best software for board meetings lets you run meetings with ease without the use of paper. Its features allow you to plan meetings, make an agenda, and share documents in a single click. It allows you to keep track of meeting notes, make decisions, and share important information about your company.

It reduces paper consumption and emissions from printing and ink, which results in millions of trees being saved each year. It also reduces the need for office equipment, as well as energy costs.

Secure Documents

The protection of sensitive company data from leaks and theft is vital. Permission control can help you in this regard by making sure that only those who have an obligation to access the files are allowed to.

Board management systems also offer an secure storage space for confidential documents. They also let you access the files quickly and without the need to pay extra for physical space.

Secure file storage lets you share documents in real-time with other users. You can also control access to the content by using the role-based feature.

You can create agendas and minutes of board meetings using document creation tools. These are then sent to all attendees with one click. You can send the documents to absent board members for their approval.

Easy recording with time boxes and eSigatures that are convenient allows you to record detailed minutes. The process of recording minutes is easy and precise, ensuring that all the important points are recorded correctly.

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